Using CATConnect

Using CATConnect

In order to utilize CATConnect services individuals must meet the eligibility requirements which includes completing an application, documentation from a medical professional, and a face-to-face interview with CATConnect staff.

Individuals may be found eligible under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or Transportation Disadvantage (TD) Programs. The following identifies the eligibility criteria for each program.

ADA Eligibility Requirements

One’s disability alone does not guarantee eligibility for the ADA service. To be eligible for ADA service, a disability must prevent the use of CAT’s fixed route bus service and the origin and destination of your trip must be within 3/4 (three-quarters) of a mile of a fixed route. ADA Service is provided within the same daily and hourly scheduled of the fixed route service.

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ADA Eligibility

  • 1Eligibility includes those persons who, because of their disability, cannot independently use a regular, accessible bus.
  • 2Eligibility is based on the accessibility of vehicles and terminals/stops (i.e., a person is able to use the regular bus,
    but it is not accessible).
  • 3Eligibility pertains to situations in which a person cannot travel independently to or from a bus stop.

A person may be given “conditional” eligibility for ADA paratransit service if they are able utilized the fixed route bus under certain conditions but not others. In those situations, eligibility will be determined according to that circumstance or condition as it relates to the person’s disability.

Passengers who require the assistance of a Personal Care Attendant must have this approved during the eligibility review.

If you are approved for ADA service, you will receive an approval letter along with a CATConnect identification card. This card can be shown to other transit agencies identifying you as ADA eligible. If you lose your I.D. card, you may get a replacement at CAT Operations Office located at 8300 Radio Road.


Visitors who are eligible for ADA service in other cities and have documentation may use the CATConnect service during their visit to Collier County. Visitors who do not have documentation of ADA eligibility from another transit agency, but can provide documentation of a disability, may be eligible to use the service for up to twenty-one (21) days.

Transportation Disadvantaged (TD) Eligibility Requirements

One’s inability to access transportation as a result of a physical or mental disability, income status or age as well as children who are handicapped or high-risk are the eligibility criteria for this program. Those individuals meeting these criteria must show proof that their trip cannot be funding by another sponsored agency.

The origin or destination of the trip must be located outside of the ¾ mile ADA corridor. TD Service is provided Monday through Friday from 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday service is reserved for trips to medical services and places of worship.

The following further defines the TD eligibility criteria. Those individuals who are unable to transport themselves or purchase transportation because of one or more of the following:

cat using logoTD Eligibility

  • 1A mental or physical disability.
  • 2Income status.
  • 3Age.
Service Rules

After meeting the eligibility requirements, service is provided only to individuals by CATConnect under the following ADA guidelines:

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  • 1Service is only provided in areas within Collier County jurisdiction. CATConnect vehicles can only make pick-ups and drop-offs at places that are within ADA and TD location criteria.
  • 2Service is provided only during the hours and days noted for the ADA and TD criteria.
  • 3Rides must be reserved at least one day (or up to two weeks) in advance.
  • 4CATConnect fares must be paid at the time of service or before.
  • 5Service is provided for all types of trips.

Eligible riders may schedule a trip on the Paratransit system by downlading the new rideCATconnect app (as of March 1, 2022) or by calling the CATConnect office at 239.252.7272, Monday through Friday, 8:00am until 5:00pm. If calling after hours, on the weekend and/or on a holiday, please follow voice mail instructions and leave your name and trip information on the voice mail. Someone will return your call to confirm your reservation.

Passengers approved for Paratransit service are required to book their reservation (through the app or by phone) no later than the day before the requested trip, or up to two weeks in advance. Same day service is not available. It is permissible under ADA regulations for reservations staff to negotiate the requested pick-up time within a one-hour window before or after the passenger’s requested pick-up time. For TD trips, due to the size of the County, the pick-up time may be within a two-hour window before or after the passenger’s requested pick-up time.

When you call to schedule a trip, please be ready to provide:

cat using logoRequired Reservation

  • 1Your name and date of trip
  • 2The time you want to be at your appointment and your return trip pick-up time
  • 3Your pick-up address and telephone number
  • 4Destination name, address, and telephone number
  • 5Whether you use a wheelchair or other mobility device
  • 6Whether a personal care attendant (as indicated during the eligibility process) or guest will be riding with you, along with their name(s)
  • 7The specific door, entrance or waiting area at which you wish to be picked up and dropped off
  • 8Whether the customer has a service animal
  • 9Whether there are any other special considerations for travel.

Each trip is limited to one destination. Brief stops at locations before the scheduled destination will not be allowed. If multiple destinations are needed, each section of the trip must be scheduled separately. A separate fare is required for each destination.


CAT Cash Account Set-Up

Beginning March 1, 2022, tickets will no longer be used to pay for trips. Please stop by one of our transfer stations to set up an account with cash or mail us a check to set up your account before you ride with us. Then every time a trip is completed, the fare will be deducted from your account.

CAT Cash balances can be checked through the NEW rideCATconnect app, available in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Download the rideCATconnect app here:

Apple IOS: Apple IOS

Google Play: Google Play:

ADA Trips

The fare for this service is $3 for a one-way trip. A reduced fare of $1 may apply if certain household income guidelines are met. Household income information is not required for eligibility of the program. This program does allow/transport a single guest or Personal Care Attendants (PCA).

A PCA is defined as an individual who is medically necessary to aid an ADA passenger. A passenger must be pre-approved to take a PCA. PCA’s do not have to pay a fare to ride. Guests are required to pay the same fare.

TD Trips

The fare for TD trips is based on an income scale and varies from $1, $3 or $4 per one-way trip. This program does not allow/transport guests.

  • Each trip requires a fare which is determined at the time of application approval.
  • cat using logoSet-Up CAT Cash Account

    • Visit the Following Locations with Cash or Mail a Check to:
    • 1Collier Area Transit CATConnect Customer Service office (8300 Radio Road)
    • 2Collier Area Transit Intermodal Station at the Government Center (3355 East Tamami Trail)

    Passengers are required to be ready up to one (1) hour before their drop-off (appointment) time. For longer, cross-county trips, you may be required to be ready up to two (2) hours before your trip. For the return trip, the driver may arrive up to fifteen (15) minutes after your requested return pick-up time.

    CATConnect is door-to-door transportation. If a passenger lives in an apartment building, adult care living facility, nursing home, or similar place that has a common lobby, the passenger is required to meet the driver in the lobby. The passengers are to be fully dressed and ready to board the vehicle. Drivers are not allowed to assist passengers in dressing. Drivers are not allowed to lift, carry or load passengers into their mobility devices (i.e., wheelchair, scooter, etc.). Passengers may board the vehicle either via lift, ramp or doorway. Drivers will assist riders when entering and leaving the vehicle. This includes offering a steady arm when walking, assisting in bringing the rider’s wheelchair or other mobility devices to and from the main door, or if requested, assisting with unlocking and/or opening a main entrance door of the building or residence. Drivers are not allowed to enter residences.

    If the destination is in an office complex, hospital or has a common lobby, drivers will leave the passenger in the lobby.
    CATConnect drivers are required to announce themselves and wait for passengers five (5) minutes after their scheduled pick-up time. If a passenger is not ready, the driver will then call dispatch to request permission to mark the trip as a no-show. If the trip is beginning at a residence, dispatch should then try to call the passenger. If the trip is beginning at a place other than a residence, the driver will have the passenger paged or attempt to locate the passenger. A no-show notice will be mailed to the passenger.