New Reservation Features

New Reservation Features

CATConnect is constantly working to improve your riding experience. We are pleased to announce that we updated our reservation software to include enhanced features that you have been asking for.

Starting on August 5, 2021, CATConnect passengers will now be able to take advantage of the following features:

Account Based Payment Option

CATConnect’s new reservation system now has an option for passengers to load and reload an account based on the number of trips they take weekly or monthly. Passengers can contact CATConnect to set up an account to use for their trips. As trips are taken, fares will be deducted from the available prepaid balance. Passengers can use this account to pay for one or both legs of a trip.

How to set up account: Interested passenger are encouraged to contact CATConnect by mail or in person to set up the account. The account can be established by credit card or paid for with cash or check. Mail should be sent to 8300 Radio Road, Naples, FL 34104 to the attention of the Mobility Manager. The check should be made out to Collier County Board of County Commissioners. If paying in person, visit either of our transfer stations at the following locations:

  • 8300 Radio Road, Naples, FL 34104
  • Government Center – 3355 Tamiami Trail East, Naples, FL, 34112

Once the account has been established, passengers can reload the account as needed.

The account-based service will alert passengers/care-givers when the account balance is low or in zero balance status to avoid disruption of service. With the Prepaid Balance feature, a full transaction history is available to keep track of changes to the balance, such as deposits or deductions made on your account.

Friendly Reminder Calls:

CATConnect has implemented a new Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system that will give passengers a call the night before your scheduled trip as a reminder, with the option to cancel the trip. Passengers will also receive a call when their bus is approximately ten minutes away. However, in order to properly use this feature, here are some common tips to ensure a successful call:

  • Someone must speak into the phone for the message to start. If there is no response, the call will fail, and the system will make another attempt later that day.
  • The IVR system will leave a message if the call is sent to voicemail. Please be sure you or your answering machine speaks into the phone within 6 seconds or the call will fail. If the call fails, then the system will make 3 attempts to leave a message, every 15 minutes.
  • If the message on the answering machine is too long, the beginning of the message will be cut off. The message may be out of order (end of message then the beginning) or missing depending on how your answering machine is set up.

The IVR system includes prompts asking passengers to select the number for the action they would like to perform. Passengers will have the ability to select the preferred language. During the night before call, a passenger will be able to select the option to cancel one or more trips.

Coming Soon…

New Mobile App:

An enhancement to the Account Based Payment Option will include giving passengers/care-givers the ability to manage their payments on mobile devices as well as any device that can access the internet.

The new mobile app will provide access 24/7 to schedule and cancel trips; view booked trips; and pay for your trip in advance using a credit card. Passengers will experience ease of use, flexibility to manage trips, and the ability to view trip details all with the touch of a screen. Because the vehicles use GPS, passengers will be able to plan their schedule conveniently and receive real-time updates about their scheduled trips.

For the protection of passenger credit card information, that information can only be entered through the self-service mobile app.