Safety & Security

Bus Safety Excellence Gold Safety Award

In 2019, CAT won the Bus Safety Excellence Gold Safety Award by the Florida Public Transportation Association. The safety and security of CAT’s passengers and staff is our top concern.

Important Bus Safety Tips

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Waiting for the bus,

  • 1Wait for buses at designated stops. Stand on the sidewalk 2-3 feet from the curb.
  • 2Use designated crosswalks and sidewalks to reach the bus stop. Never walk in a traffic lane.
  • 3Have your fare, Smart Card or mobile device ready prior to boarding.

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Boarding the bus,

  • 1Use handrails to help keep your balance, if needed.
  • 2Keep children close and board the bus together.

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Riding the bus,

  • 1Stand behind the white line while the bus is moving.
  • 2Do not lean on or press on the doors.
  • 3Keep hands, feet and items clear from closing doors.
  • 4Wait for the bus to fully stop before leaving your seat.
  • 5Do not extend your legs or personal items into the aisle.
  • 6Do not distract the bus operator while the bus is in motion.

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Getting off the bus,

  • 1Use handrails, if needed.
  • 2Step onto the sidewalk. Do not walk between the side of the bus and the curb.
  • 3Never walk in front of the bus, even if it is stopped.
  • 4Only use designated crosswalks if crossing the street.