What is Collier Area Transit (CAT) rideCAT App?

rideCAT App is a mobile pass app that allows transit customers to purchase and use fare products such as regular, monthly and day passes and single ride passes directly from a mobile device.

How do I access my rideCAT app?

The app is free to download. Search ‘rideCAT App’ in the Apple Store or on Google Play.

Are there any fees for using the Mobile Ticketing?

The rideCAT App is free to download. Fare products purchased using the App cost the same as those purchased from our locations (there are no additional fees). When using the application, please be aware that carrier charges may apply for data usage. CAT is not responsible for any mobile carrier charges that a customer incurs as a result of purchasing a mobile product or downloading the rideCAT App.

What types of products can I purchase via Mobile Ticketing?

Customers can purchase the following products through the rideCAT app:

  • Adult and Youth 30-Day Pass
  • Adult and Youth 15-Day Pass
  • Adult and Youth Day Pass
  • Adult and Youth One-way Fare
  • Marco Express 30-Day Pass
  • Marco express Day Pass
  • *Summer Paw Pass (Valid June 1st -August 31st for students age 17 and under)
  • *30-Day Corporate Pass (300+ Employees)
  • **Reduced Adult and Youth Monthly Pass
  • **Reduced Adult and Youth 15-Day Pass
  • **Reduced Adult and Youth Day Pass
  • **Reduced Adult and Youth One-way Fare
  • **Reduced Marco Express 30-Day Pass
  • **Reduced Marco express Day Pass

*Discount Passes are for persons eligible under the identified programs.

**Reduced Fares are for members of Medicare, Disabled Community, those 65 years and older and children 17 and under. ID required. This fare would also apply to the Transportation Disadvantaged that provides transportation services under the non-emergency transportation Medicaid Contract for Collier County.

When can I use my 30-Day pass?

A 30-Day pass can be activated at any time and is active for 30 consecutive days after activation.

How do I purchase via Mobile Ticketing?

After downloading the rideCAT App, you will need to create an account using your email address. Once you have logged on to your account, select the product you wish to buy, enter your credit/debit card payment information, and confirm your transaction. The purchased passes will be electronically delivered to your phone’s “my pass” section and a receipt for your purchase will automatically be sent to your email address.

What types of payment options are available to purchase passes?

Customers can purchase a pass using a debit or credit card. The rideCAT App currently accepts Visa/Visa Debit, Mastercard/Mastercard Debit, and American Express.

Are receipts available for my mobile purchase?

Yes. Once you purchase your mobile pass a receipt will automatically be sent to the email address associated with your account.

How and when should I activate my Mobile Pass?

You MUST activate your pass prior to boarding a Transit vehicle or prior to entering a fare restricted area. Be ready to scan your pass at the on-board validator when boarding a vehicle or show to a transit personnel official upon request. Your purchased passes can be found in your “my pass” section of the rideCAT App.

Do I need to scan my pass each time I travel?

Yes, valid pass must be activated and scanned for each trip.