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ADA Trips

The fare for this service is $3 for a one-way trip. A reduced fare of $1 may apply if certain household income guidelines are met. Household income information is not required for eligibility of the program. This program does allow/transport a single guest or Personal Care Attendants (PCA).

A PCA is defined as an individual who is medically necessary to aid an ADA passenger. A passenger must be pre-approved to take a PCA. PCA’s do not have to pay a fare to ride. Guests are required to pay the same fare.

TD Trips

The fare for TD trips is based on an income scale and varies from $1, $3 or $4 per one-way trip. This program does not allow/transport guests.

  • Fares must be paid upon entry of the bus.
  • Each trip requires a fare which is determined at the time of application approval.
  • Options for paying fares include
    • Payment of exact change on each ride.
    • Payment of exact change for both legs of the trips on their first ride.
    • Purchase tickets for the value of the required fare, in advance, and provide the value of the fare in tickets to the driver.

cat using logoTickets May Be

  • 1On the Bus from the Operator
  • 2Collier Area Transit CATConnect Customer Service office (8300 Radio Road)
  • 3Collier Area Transit Intermodal Station at the Government Center (3355 East Tamami Trail)